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Welcome to JPI Consulting Services.  We specialize in high quality, low cost application development using Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Essbase tools.  We also provide computer support for home and small business users.  If you are looking to build customized software applications, want to make modifications to your existing systems, or would like assistance with consolidating your current applications, we can help.


Home and Small Business Support

 - Networking, Hardware and Windows troubleshooting

 - Upgrades, service and repair

 - On site or free pick-up and delivery (within 10 mile radius)

Extensive experience in application design, development, testing and propagation.

Expert database administration on a multitude of platforms, Including Microsoft Access, Oracle, and Hyperion Essbase.

Provide professional, custom built solutions.

We have built systems used by Administrative, Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resource, Billing, Lease Administration, Order tracking, Budget/Forecast, Customer Management, and Sales Force Compensation departments.

We have partnered with companies in the retail, insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and real estate industries.

We have deployed local, regional and global applications for groups of one to several hundred users.

We love to design, build, document, and train our partners on applications we have created together!


Please feel free to contact us and so we can show you how we can help you solve your application development needs!


Phone:  (859) 384-1323



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